No More is my first personal venture into actually making a fictional narrative story. I have an overactive imagination and when my anxiety spikes my mind starts firing on all cylinders. 

I usually have  nightmares and this was one of them. 

I have tried various ways to get thoughts out of my head and this is the first time that I have successfully created some form of art using my mental illness as fuel and as a narrative.  

I am not really good at anything. I'm not a great artist or writer but I can imagine things so apologies if grammar is incorrect and the lack of images in here. 

I did create the cover though and "Worthless" is not spelt wrong, I just didn't realize how close to the edge I was.

On a positive note, I'm proud of myself for even completing this project. There are no images, just text, but I haven't completed anything in years so this is a win for me.

I hope you like it.

Please give me some feed back if you think this is something I could pursue as I am reaching my ropes end. 

I have a patreon account and any donations will go to me being sane.

There is reference to bodily harm and blood.



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Oh this is really cool
I made a  game kind of like this one, check it out if you want :3

Hey thank you.  I will definitely check it out :-)

Really liked this one, raw story with expression, clicking the colored words helped emphasize certain ideas in someones head and i liked the gameplay actually,  only wish it was a littler longer, of course i wouldn't want you to have a longer nightmare though! Here's to that.


Thank you so much for replying. Oh my gosh, you have made my day. There are few things I would like to tweak as well, but I also didn't want to fabricate any of it. Man thank you so much again for commenting. :-) :-)

I'm glad! Just giving my honest opinion : ) oh thanks for follow also.

yeah no problem. As soon as i get a gap, I will be checking out your stuff. :-)